Friends of Tubeho in Rwanda: Supporting Students in the Aftermath of Genocide

Friends of Tubeho is a non-profit organization committed to providing access to education to orphans of the Rwandan genocide and their descendants.  These students, who live in reconstituted families in a village outside of Rwanda’s capital Kigali, chose for their association the name “Tubeho” — “Let’s live” in Kinyarwanda.  This is precisely what Friends of Tubeho does: by providing university scholarships and related financial support, it supports the students in building a better life for themselves and their families.

Since its foundation in 2007, Friends of Tubeho has funded university education for 30 scholars.  These young adults have gone on to work in the fields of accounting, human resources, business, entrepreneurship, and social services.

Friends of Tubeho is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and 100% of donations contribute to scholarships for the students.

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KAGOYIRE SONIA Master thesis topic: “The Impact of Dividend Policy on Investment Decision Process in Rwanda” Before the scholarship of FoT I was joyless, I passively waited for a miracle. Glory to God for sending me FoT and I just finished my studies. Thank you, FoT.


MUKANGARAMBE Françoise Master thesis topic: “Contribution of Financial Management to the Performance of Manufacturing Companies” After the scholarship, I had the chance to work in a small business even though it was a short-term contract. All this was the fruit of knowledge already gained through scholarship of FoT I am confident with my studies. I … Continue reading Françoise


GAKWANDI JOSEPH Master thesis topic: “Effect of non-financial motivation on Tellers’ Performance” My thanks to all the members of FoT for the initiative and the love you have shown, God bless you. In truth before the scholarship, I had no hope of making the university because I did not see anywhere where I could find … Continue reading Joseph


MUSHESHAMBUGU TEDDY Master thesis topic: “The Impact of Bank Loans to Social Economic Development of it Beneficiaries” In University, I studied at the faculty of Finance. I hope to find work related to what I studied. University education is a very important asset. My wish is to create my own business. From the bottom of … Continue reading Teddy

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